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  2. History

Company Formation


On July 1st, Wilhelm Krug and Ludwig Priester founded the company as specialized
retail store, repair shop, and manufacturing facility for office machines, located at
Tübinger Str. 7 in Balingen. Already in the founding years the young enterprise exhibits
its products at the Hanover Fair - the basis for early success in export business.

Manufacturing in the first building


The production of duplicating machines, paper trimmers, ballpoint pens and spray guns
moved into the first company-owned building on Schickhardtstraße.

Manufacturing building was enlarged


The production facilities were enlarged by erecting additional buildings and the
production was concentrated on paper trimmers and duplicating machines.

First Guillotines


The retail division of the company was abandoned. Guillotine paper cutters
supplement the production program.

Shredders for the U.S. market


IDEAL develops paper shredders for the American market; along with the
cutting machines they become a main product group for the production
and world-wide distribution. A new office building at the Schickhardtstraße
site made it possible to merge production and administration at one location.

More production space


The production space was adapted to the steadily
growing demand for the IDEAL products.

New production building


2000 sqm production space were added in a new building.

Wilhelm Krug left the company


Wilhelm Krug left the company. Wolfgang Priester joins
as a new share holder in the limited partnership.

Training and Research building set


A neighbourhood piece of land with a production building was acquired and used
as a workshop for the tool and die makers and for the R & D department.

Company founder Ludwig Priester died


Happiness about the 25th anniversary of the company and the acquisition of a
neighbouring site over 10,000 sqm, which assured, that the firm had room to
expand in the future, sadness on the other hand about the death of company
founder Ludwig Priester.
The firm was carefully restructured, new buildings replaced old ones, modern
CNC technology was introduced, and intensified, customer oriented distribution
ensures further expansion.

modern powder coating plant


The purchase of an additional site enables the company to build a modern,
environmentally friendly powder coating plant. Product innovations and
modern marketing methods guarantee further growth as well as higher market
shares for IDEAL shredders and IDEAL paper cutting machines.

New Administration Building


A new administration building with a modern logistics center
is opened at the Simon-Schweitzer-Straße.

40th company anniversary


IDEAL celebrates its 40th anniversary. A 50 percent partnership is acquired in the
longstanding US agency, which helps to secure a larger market share in the most
important export market of the company.

Reunification of Germany


The reunification of Germany creates a big demand for IDEAL products.
The company turnover reached almost 90 Mio. German Marks.

IDEAL acquires majority share in E.A. Clementz & Cie.


IDEAL acquires 93 percent of the shares of its longstanding
French agent, E.A. Clémentz & Cie., Reichstett.

continued growth


The extension of the production premises by a further 2,000 sqm
finalizes the constructional development as per today.

World's leading manufacturer of paper shredders


KRUG & PRIESTER is the leading manufacturer worldwide for paper shredders and
office cutting machines. If the sales of the partner companies in the USA and France
are consolidated, the turnover is considerably over 100 Million German Marks.

50th anniversary of the company


On June 30th the company is celebrating its 50th Anniversary in the municipal festivity hall
of Balingen. During that time the company has 380 employees in Balingen.

Expansion of the administration building


The company is investing into the location Balingen and the extension of the
administration building by further 1.000 sqm in the Simon-Schweitzer-Strasse.
Target of this measurement was the centralisation of all commercial and
technical administration departments on one floor. For an improved internal
communication - by shorter distances, more efficiency and optimised work

Product of the Year 2008


With AL1 Krug & Priester designs a veritable first class document shredder.
For its innovative concept AL1 is decorated with numerous worldwide recognized
design awards like the „red dot design award“, the „iF product design award“ and
the "Good design award". It is further nominated for „The 2008 Design Award of
the Federal Republic of Germany” and is chosen „Product of the Year 2008” by the
PBS Industry Association.

60 years of responsibility for people and the environment


Founded on 1st July 1951, Krug & Priester celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2011.
For more than six decades, the development, production and distribution of
document shredders and paper cutting machines have been our constant focus.
From its very beginnings, the company´s philosophy has been very closely linked to
sustainability both in thought and action. Two of the supporting pillars in the history
of Krug & Priester have been the strong adherence to ‘production place Germany’
and the development of new products that are valued for their high quality and long life. 

New, modern production hall


The oldest part of our production space will be demolished and replaced by a new,
modern production hall. Reduced production areas for the same processes, faster
turnaround times, a highly streamlined workflow, and a significant increase in
productivity, are the central guiding principles within the new building. Of course,
this new factory is supported by special attention to brightness, health, cleanliness
and conservation of the sustainable nature of our enterprise.